Veteran Information 
Updated news for veterans today. Any question please email your local Veteran Service Officer.
If you need any assistance with VA Claims or any Service questions pertaining to Military Medical Benefits, please contact:
Rachael Garcia
VFW Department Service Officer
VA Regional Office
380 Westminster Street
Providence, RI 02903 (By Appointment Only)
401 272-2580
Questions on Camp LeJeune Justice Act: Many veterans have reached out to the VFW regarding the Camp LeJeune provision (Section 804) of the recently passed PACT Act. Please be advised that there is an offset of VA disability benefits with any settlement that may be received through a lawsuit. Veterans are encouraged NOT to sign any contracts to participate in lawsuits until VA clarifies how the settlements will affect service-connected benefits and care. VA regulations on this are expected in the coming months. For clarification on the impact to your current or future VA benefits, contact an accredited VFW service officer near you.