General Orders NO. 1                                                                    2019-20 Series 
1. Having been elected Commander-in-Chief and having been installed in office in accordance with the Bylaws of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, I hereby assume command.
2. The following officers have been duly elected and installed by the 120th National Convention and will be accorded the recognition due them:
Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief
Harold J. "Hal” Roesch, II, Post 3219, Phoebus, Virginia
Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief
Matthew M. "Fritz” Mihelcic, Post 2698, Sparta, Illinois
Quartermaster General
Debra L. Anderson, Post 7356, Parkville, Missouri
National Chaplain
James G. "Jim” Jenkins, Post 6401, Bonner Springs, Kansas
Judge Advocate General
J. Douglas "Doug” Whitaker, Post 9675, Papillion, Nebraska
Surgeon General
Curtis O. "Doc” Bohlman, Post 1335, Woodward, Oklahoma
National Council of Administration Members
Alabama George H. Jones, Post 6073, Scottsboro, Alabama
Alaska Walter W. Watts, Jr., Post 3629, Fairbanks, Alaska
Arizona Michael K. "Mike” Ferguson, Post 3632, Tempe, Arizona
Arkansas Ashley A. Little, Post 4548, Jacksonville, Arkansas
California Earl D. Fulk, Post 9934, Dana Point, California
Colorado Bruce R. Dolan, Post 7945, Thornton, Colorado
Connecticut Richard G. DiFederico, Jr., Post 7330, Oakville, Connecticut
Delaware William R. "Russ” Hall, Post 8801, Clayton, Delaware
Europe Norberto "Tony” Millet, Jr., Post 9342, Ansbach, Germany
Florida W. Benny Bachand, Post 4287, Orlando, Florida
Georgia Alfred J. "Al” Lipphardt, Post 12002, North Fulton, Georgia
Hawaii Stanley Y. Fernandez, Post 10276, Honolulu, Hawaii
Idaho Rick W. Johnson, Post 4902, Cottonwood, Idaho
Illinois Philip L. "Phil” Maughan, Post 3873, Naperville, Illinois
Indiana Johnny R. Capps, Post 972, Terre Haute, Indiana
Iowa Carol L. Whitmore, Post 9127, Des Moines, Iowa
Kansas Bobby J. Cox, Post 2715, McPherson, Kansas
Kentucky Robert O. "Bob” Hendrickson, Post 8639, Okolona, Kentucky
Louisiana Gerald G. "Snake” Dugas, Post 3121, Gretna, Louisiana
Maine David D. Williams, Post 1641, Rumford, Maine
Maryland R. Brian Sturgis, Post 5118, Easton, Maryland
Massachusetts Robert A. "Bob” Graser, Post 1822, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Michigan Gerald J. "Jerry” Gorski, Post 2645, Southfield, Michigan
Minnesota Thomas L. "Tom” Hanson, Post 1639, Willmar, Minnesota
Mississippi Steven M. "Steve” Organ, Post 5395, Pontotoc, Mississippi
Missouri Jessie L. Jones, Post 2657, Fulton, Missouri
Montana Arthur J. "Art” Widhalm, Post 3107, Glasgow, Montana
Nebraska Larry M. Gerlt, Post 2704, South Omaha, Nebraska
Nevada Gilbert "Gil” Hernandez, Post 2350, Elko, Nevada
New Hampshire Paul J. Lloyd, Post 1631, Concord, New Hampshire
New Jersey William F. "Bill” Thomson, Post 6192, Washington Township, New Jersey
New Mexico Kathie D. Schiebel, Post 401, Albuquerque, New Mexico
New York Robert E. "Bob” Barnhart, Post 686, High Falls, New York
North Carolina Gregory A. "Greg” Stafford, Post 6060, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
North Dakota James H. "Hoppy” Hapala, Post 7564, West Fargo, North Dakota
Ohio Christopher W. "Chris” Haynes, Post 7596, Franklin, Ohio
Oklahoma Robert A. "Robbie” Clark, Post 4876, Altus, Oklahoma
Oregon Bert W. Key, Post 4273, Sandy, Oregon
Pacific Areas Shawn C. Watson, Post 2917, Agat, Guam
Pennsylvania Robert C. Eiler, Post 7842, Linesville, Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Guyde A. Lombari, Jr., Post 2812, Thornton, Rhode Island
South Carolina Augustus "Gus” Singleton, Post 4262, Columbia, South Carolina
South Dakota Rick L. Williamson, Post 3164, Canton, South Dakota
Tennessee Henry Hooper, II, Post 11333, Memphis, Tennessee
Texas Daniel L. "Dan” West, Post 3413, San Marcos, Texas
Utah Dennis L. Parizek, Post 1481, Ogden, Utah
Vermont Allston J. "Joe” Gilmond, Post 782, Burlington, Vermont
Virginia Thomas F. "Tom” Gimble, Post 1503, Dale City, Virginia
Washington Frederick A. "Fred” Green, Post 2669, Port Orchard, Washington
West Virginia Todd C. Kingsbury, Post 3522, Charles Town, West Virginia
Wisconsin Gundel "Gundy” Metz, Post 1318, Madison, Wisconsin
Wyoming Rodney A. Birkle, Post 3558, Wheatland, Wyoming
3. All previous appointments having expired are declared null and void.
4. The following appointments are hereby announced:
Adjutant General
Kevin C. Jones, Post 7356, Parkville, Missouri
National Chief of Staff
Paul R. Phillips, Jr., Post 2863, Richardson Park, Delaware
Inspector General
Duane T. Sarmiento, Post 5579, Gibbstown, New Jersey
Assistant Adjutant General & Executive Director, Washington Office
Vincent B.J. Lawrence, Post 7686, Alamogordo, New Mexico
Assistant Adjutant General, Administration & Programs
Kim A. DeShano, Post 2216, Staunton, Virginia
Director, Administration & Economic Opportunity, Washington Office
Anthony J. Lowe, Post 341, Washington, DC
Director, Administrative Operations
Johnathan R. Duncan, Post 1829, Kansas City, Missouri
Director, Communications & Public Affairs, Washington Office
Joseph E. Davis, Post 3391, Pago Pago, American Samoa
Director, Member Service Center
David E. Prohaska, Post 4434, Belleville, Michigan
Director, Membership
Rick L. Butler, Post 7356, Parkville, Missouri
Director, National Legislative Service
Carlos U. Fuentes, Post 5627, College Park, Maryland
Director, National Security and Foreign Affairs
Johnathon N. Towles, Post 3150, Arlington, Virginia
Director, National Veterans Service
Ryan M. Gallucci, Post 3150, Arlington, Virginia
Director, VFW Programs
Lynn W. Rolf, III, Post 56, Leavenworth, Kansas
Director, VFW Properties
Brian T. Opalewski, Post 7397, Lenexa, Kansas
National Sergeant-at-Arms
Bryan P. O’Brien, Post 2550, Dunedin, Florida
5. For purposes of clarification, we do not operate as a men’s organization or a ladies organization, but as the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and its VFW Auxiliary.
6. Every Post chartered by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States will be expected to participate in the following programs during the 2019-20 year: Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen, Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teachers’ Awards, "Buddy”® Poppy and Veterans and Military Support Programs. Additionally, it is necessary that all Post and Department Commanders comply with all provisions of the National Bylaws and the Manual of Procedure and Ritual.
7. Post Commanders and District Commanders are directed to forward all resolutions or communications relative to federal legislation or to the policy or procedure of the Department of Veterans Affairs, or any other governmental agency, to their respective Department Headquarters for consideration and referral to the Adjutant General. Department Commanders will not take direct action on any such resolutions or communications without first obtaining full knowledge of existing National Headquarters policies governing such legislation or agencies. Posts, County Councils, Districts and officers and members thereof shall not publicly communicate or promulgate any such resolutions until reviewed by the Commander-in-Chief.
8. DEPARTMENT DUES RESERVE: Due to the passage of Bylaw Amendment B-38 at the 119th National Convention, it is no longer necessary for Departments to maintain a dues reserve fund effective August 24, 2018.
9. Attention of commanders at all levels is directed to Section 703 of the National Bylaws which requires that each accountable officer be bonded with an indemnity company in the sum at least equal to the amount of the liquid assets for which he may be accountable.
10. Attention of Post Commanders is directed to Section 218(a)(11)(b), Manual of Procedure, Trustees, which states that Post Trustees shall prepare and submit quarterly, through their Post Commander, a Post Trustees’ Report of Audit (VFW Store product #4214) to the Department Quartermaster for referral to the Department Inspector. The first report is due at the close of September. Do not mail these reports to National Headquarters.
11. Attention of Department and Post Commanders is directed to the requirement of timely filing of Internal Revenue Form 990 and 990/T, where applicable. Forms may be secured from your local Post Office or branch office of the Internal Revenue Service.
12. Posts are urged to start planning suitable programs now for the observance of Veterans Day (see Section 223 of the Manual of Procedure).
13. The passage of Manual of Procedure Amendment M-30 has modified Section 1001(25) to read, "The dispensation and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of smoking/vaping products in VFW meeting rooms during VFW meetings are prohibited.”
14. A thorough program of Post inspection is necessary to ensure compliance with National and Department Bylaws and directives. Department and District Inspectors shall make every effort to inspect every Post under their cognizance on an annual basis and correct such discrepancies as may be disclosed.
15. U.S. Army ARDEC has issued guidance on the operation and maintenance of the M1 Garand. The manual can be found in the VFW Training & Support section at or you can visit the M1 Garand Associated Website:
16. The distribution of VFW "Buddy”® Poppies will be conducted according to the provisions set forth in Sections 711 of the National Bylaws and the Manual of Procedure. Department, District, County Council and Post Commanders should arrange now for the distribution of "Buddy”® Poppies in their respective areas. All profits accruing from the distribution of "Buddy”® Poppies shall be used in accordance with Section 704 of the National Bylaws and the Manual of Procedure.
17. Certificates of charter evidencing consolidation have been issued to the following Posts:
Post Nos. 402 and 5756 consolidated as Post No. 402, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania
Post Nos. 8322 and 3592 consolidated as Post No. 8322, Chicago, Illinois
18. Announcement is made of the authorization of the charter for the following Post:
Post No. 12190 – Evans, Georgia
General Order No. 4                                     2020 - 2021
1. The following National appointments are hereby announced:
 Richard McKinney, Post 6527, Greenwood, AR
Douglas Carrington, Post 5867, Lakeside, CA
Mitchell Dees, Post 2333, Fairfield-Suisun, CA
Keith MacDonald, Post 5867, Lakeside, CA
William Manes, Post 9934, Dana Point, CA
Larry Ventress, Post 5394, Compton, CA
Henry Wadahara, Post 344, San Jose, CA
Anthony Archer, Post 101, Colorado Springs, CO
John Morrow, Post 475, Newark, DE
Edward Nuzum, Post 8385, Kings Bay, GA
Dean Rakoskie, Post 10825, Statesboro, GA
William Browne, Post 311, Richton Park, IL
Ronald Milton, Post 4183, Belleville, IL
Nancy O`Connell, Post 4226, Olney, IL
Joseph Swinford, Post 4168, Clinton, IL
James Proctor, Post 11362, Naples, ME
David Adams, Post 1782, White Bear Lake, MN
Scott Bill, Post 3915, Brooklyn Park, MN
Michael Pierce, Post 3723, Owatonna, MN
Kenneth Allison, Post 6274, Ballwin, MO
Teresa Shaw, Post 2513, Warrensburg, MO
Paul Ziegler, Post 3168, Buckhorn, MO
Jeffery Bock, Post 3525, Hamilton Township, NJ
Joseph Del Grippo, Post 335, Cranford, NJ
James Wisor, Post 2290, Manville, NJ
Edward Bergmann, Post 6780, Dansville, NY
Wayne Campbell, Post 6433, Waterloo, NY
Douglas Herbert, Post 2250, Hornell, NY
Joseph Hubbard, Post 600, Canastota, NY
Neil Jordan, Post 1896, Jamaica, NY
James Mc Nally, Post 53, Jamestown, NY
Patrick Rourk, Post 1143, Massena, NY
Edward Todd, Post 672, Brewster, NY
James Wilson, Post 357, Schenectady, NY
Sean Wright, Post 9960, Cedar Point, NC
Louis Nance, Post 9960, Cedar Point, NC
Josh Schreck, Post 1263, Renton, WA
Steven Woodward, Post 2224, Puyallup, WA
Jason Dean, Post 5470, Whitewater, WI
Kerry McAllen, Post 7591, Madison, WI
Darrell Darner, Post 1674, Siloam Springs, AR
Charles Anfuso, Post 2111, Chula Vista, CA
Clay Cowgill, Post 3935, Port Hueneme, CA
Stephen Curtin, Post 7263, Capitola, CA
Carlos Fernandez, Post 8900, Fresno, CA
Robert McMahon, Post 8151, Dixon, CA
Douglas Scholl, Post 3783, Ramona, CA
William Avery, Post 11411, Lake George, CO
Robert Mac Lees, Post 6984, Milton, DE
George Fields, Post 6449, Fairburn, GA
Howard Slay, Post 5290, Conyers, GA
Thomas Bailey, Post 886, Pontiac, IL
Larry Hines, Post 5083, Geneseo, IL
Anthony Maroney, Post 5815, Lombard, IL
Alfredo Rocha, Post 755, Springfield, IL
John Bouchard, Post 9389, Caribou, ME
Lawrence Grindland, Post 295, South Saint Paul, MN
Michael Meyer, Post 3723, Owatonna, MN
Scott Wiechmann, Post 1216, Austin, MN
Dennis Desmond, Post 2646, Marshall, MO
Paul Frampton, Post 1667, Ridgedale, MO
Norman Morgan, Post 5368, Morley, MO
James D`Arcy, Post 335, Cranford, NJ
George Lott, Post 10152, Ogdensburg, NJ
Joseph Thorpe, Post 12165, Trenton, NJ
Leslie Crossett, Post 7220, Middleville, NY
John Wenig, Post 8645, New Paltz, NY
William Sigwalt, Post 7315, Havelock, NC
Mark Erskine, Post 4542, Spring Lake, NC
Nester Tamayao, Post 3063, Seattle, WA
Brad Pieratt, Post 3617, East Wenatchee, WA
Norbert Lee, Post 6352, Stratford, WI
Kenneth Crammer, Post 7591, Madison, WI
2. Commanders at all levels are reminded of their duty to conduct the business of the organization while adhering to COVID-19 restrictions and that as Commander they shall "insist that… business and activities are conducted in such a manner that they do not violate any applicable governmental law, ordinance or regulation nor bring or tend to bring dishonor or embarrassment on the… Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.”
On July 29, 2020, Commander-in-Chief Hal Roesch issued Executive Order No. 1 which provided Commanders the discretion to conduct meetings and conventions electronically where COVID
restrictions apply. Commanders who fail to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions have failed to fulfill the duties of their office which may result in their removal.
3. Members are reminded that their annual membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars has been changed to a 12-month dues structure that started July 1, 2018. The changes to subscription dues to a "DMV” model now allows anyone who becomes a member or renews membership after July 1, 2019, to postpone expiration until the last day of their 12th month. For example, if a new member joins or an existing member renews on July 5, 2020, their dues now expire on July 31, 2021. The annual membership card (effective July 1, 2020) reflects the month and year dues expire.
Current members that are in good standing as of July 1, 2020, have been extended in OMS through the last day of the month when their dues are scheduled to expire. Regardless of the month they renewed, as long as they were in good standing as of July 1, 2020, they now have until the end of the expiration month to renew their dues.
Members that are in good standing but have not renewed for the 2020-21 membership year will see the changes on their digital ID card reflecting the updated month and year when their dues expire. They will have the option to request an updated annual membership card with the change reflecting the expiration month and year.
The purpose of the changes to subscription dues to a "DMV” model was to streamline the process for both the Post and Department Quartermasters to track expiring annual members. No longer will Posts and Departments have to chase annual members’ dues on a daily basis; instead they can see a block of members during a specific month (one, two and three months out), allowing them to formulate a plan to collect dues at one time. This also makes it easier for the Department/District/Post Sergeant-at-Arms to quickly see if a member is in good standing prior to a meeting.
4. Section 220 of the National Bylaws, "Vacancies and Removal of Elected Officers or Committee Members” states, "Any elected Post officer removed by the Department Commander, by reason of failure to pay current dues or by vote of the Post under the provisions of this section, shall not be eligible to serve in any Post office in the same administrative year in which the officer is removed."
5. For the purpose of establishing continuous membership, a member may reimburse Department and National dues for all delinquent years, provided he was a member in good standing for five (5) consecutive years prior to the delinquency.
6. Attention of Post Commanders is directed to Section 218 of the Manual of Procedure, "Duty of Trustees.” Trustees Report of Audit must be completed in detail at the close of each quarter, one of which ends Dec. 31, 2020. Commanders are reminded that accurate and complete records shall be kept by all persons handling Post funds, including the Club Manager, Bingo Chairman and VFW Riders Groups. These records shall be audited by Post Trustees in the same manner as Post Quartermaster and Adjutant records.
7. A thorough program of Post inspection is necessary to ensure compliance with National and Department Bylaws and directives. District and Department Inspectors to include Assistant
Inspectors shall make every effort to inspect every Post under their cognizance on an annual basis and correct such discrepancies as may be disclosed.
8. The distribution of VFW "Buddy”® Poppies will be conducted according to the provisions set forth in Sections 711 of the National Bylaws and Manual of Procedure. Department, District, County Council and Post Commanders should arrange now for the distribution of Buddy Poppies for the Memorial Day campaign in their respective areas. All profits accruing from the distribution of Buddy Poppies shall be used in accordance with Sections 219 and 704 of the Manual of Procedure.
9. Recent changes to the VFW National Bylaws, Manual of Procedure and Ritual establish that Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority on procedural matters not governed by VFW Bylaws and Manual of Procedure. Newly revised Robert’s Rules of Order is readily available at local book stores and online retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The most recent edition (12th Edition) was released this year.
10. Certificates of charter evidencing consolidation have been issued to the following Posts:
Post Nos. 8807 and 9829 consolidated as Post No. 8807, Tonto Basin, Arizona
Post Nos. 1084 and 5739 consolidated as Post No. 1084, Benton, Kentucky
Post Nos. 707 and 10772 consolidated as Post No. 707, Mandan, North Dakota
Kevin C. Jones
Adjutant General
General Orders No. 6                                                           2020-2021
1. Commanders at all levels should begin organizing their 2021 Memorial Day "Buddy”® Poppy
Campaign. Every Post is urged to order and distribute VFW "Buddy” Poppies.
2. Attention is directed to Section 213 of the National Bylaws concerning any Post in arrears for
any financial obligations to County Council (if applicable), District, Department and National for fees, dues, poppy money, supply money, failing to have the office of Quartermaster properly bonded in accordance with Section 703, failing to ensure that the Post is properly insured in accordance with Section 709, failing to submit properly completed quarterly Post Trustees Report of Audit, Post Election Report for the ensuing year, or other obligations, shall be deprived of all representation in County Council and District meetings; County Council, District, Department and National Conventions. Such representation shall be restored promptly upon proper adjustment of such deficiencies.
3. Trustees shall not be eligible to serve as an elected officer, Adjutant or on a committee whose books, records and accounts are audited by the Trustees. Among the duties of the three (3) elected Post Trustees, they shall:
a. At least monthly, review the Monthly Report of Receipts and Expenditures of the Post Quartermaster.
b. Within thirty (30) days from the end of each quarter, properly audit the books and records of the Post Quartermaster, Post Adjutant and any activity, clubroom, holding company or unit sponsored, conducted or operated by, for or on behalf of the Post and submit a Post Trustee’s Report of Audit to the Department Quartermaster for referral to the Department Inspector.
c. The Report shall be in accordance with and upon such form as may be prescribed by the Adjutant General. The audit shall be signed by the Post Commander and Trustees, who shall, by their signatures, certify to the accuracy of the information contained therein.
d. Perform such other duties as may be incident to the office or may from time to time be required by the laws and usages of the organization or lawful orders from proper authority.
4. Proof of Eligibility Requirements for Officers: All Posts, Districts and Departments should be reminded of the provisions of Sections 216, 416, and 516 of the Manual of Procedure that officers, elected and appointed, shall not be installed or assume the duties of their office until proof of eligibility has been submitted to the respective Adjutant and properly reviewed.
5. Certificates of charter evidencing consolidation have been issued to the following Posts:
Post Nos. 8904 and 9313 consolidated as Post No. 8904, Center, Texas
Post Nos. 1067 and 5692 consolidated as Post No. 1067, Ashland, Ohio
Post Nos. 583 and 1840 consolidated as Post No. 583, Middletown, Connecticut
Kevin C. Jones
Adjutant General