General Orders NO. 9                                                                     2018-19 Series 
1. Installing officers are directed to see to it that the Post Election Report forms have been completed and submitted to National Headquarters. If a Post Election Report form has not been forwarded to National Headquarters at the time of installation, the installing officer shall complete and forward such report at the time of the installation of Post Officers no later than June 1. We encourage all Post Quartermasters to use the online Election Report process featured in the Online Membership System (OMS). Post Election Reports received electronically will be forwarded to the Department Headquarters. Additionally, Section 413 of the National Bylaws requires that a properly completed District Election Report be submitted to National Headquarters prior to the convening of the Department Convention.
2. Post, District, Department Commanders, Adjutants and Quartermasters are reminded of the requirements of Sections 216, 416 and 516 of the Manual of Procedure with regard to proof of eligibility for all newly-elected and appointed officers. Elected and appointed officers shall not be installed or assume the duties of their office until proof of eligibility has been submitted and properly reviewed. Failure or refusal to submit proof of eligibility within thirty (30) days of election or appointment shall result in the office being declared vacant.
3. Department Adjutants will forward a complete roster of the newly elected and appointed Department Officers to include District Commanders to the Adjutant General immediately following their installation at the Department Convention.
4. Attention is directed to Section 518 of the Manual of Procedure, "Duty of the Department Quartermaster” paragraph (j) Budget, which states: "Prepare a tentative balanced budget for the financial operations of the ensuing year. The budget once adopted by the Department Council of Administration shall be forwarded to the Adjutant General by November 1.”
5. Attention is called to the provisions of Section 703 of the National Bylaws which require that each officer accountable for funds or property pursuant to any provision of these Bylaws shall be bonded with an indemnity company as surety in a sum at least equal to the amount of the liquid assets for which, so far as can be anticipated, they may be accountable. The bond premium shall be paid from the funds of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Department, District, County Council or Post, as the case may be, to which each officer is accountable. The bonds of such accountable officers, in amount and as to surety, shall be approved by their respective units and held by their respective Commanders. The Commander of each unit shall be responsible for the proper and adequate bonding of all accountable officers in their unit.
6. Section 218 of the Manual of Procedure requires that the Post Commander shall see that the Post Trustees Reports of Audit are properly prepared and submitted each quarter.
7. Attention of incoming Post Officers is directed to Section 218 of the Manual of Procedure which outlines the duties of various Post Officers.
8. Attention is directed to the provision of Section 222 (d) of the National Bylaws, "Each Post will pay, in advance, a National Convention registration fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) which shall entitle the Post to a packet of convention information and materials and one identified registered delegate for the National Convention. Each additional delegate attending the National Convention will pay a ten dollar ($10) delegate fee.” Post Quartermasters are encouraged to register their delegate on-line through the Online Membership System (OMS). Posts failing to comply with this provision will be considered delinquent and in arrears.
9. Attention of Department Commanders-elect is directed to Section 516, paragraph (b), of the National Bylaws which provides that the Department Commander shall appoint an Adjutant, Inspector, Service Officer and such other officers as may be required by Department Bylaws. The Department Commander may appoint such other officers, committee chairmen and committees as may be necessary to carry out the responsibilities and functions of the Department and the directives of the Commander-in-Chief.
It is recommended that the appointment of the Public Relations officers be based upon the appointee’s credentials as a media representative with special emphasis upon qualifications and continuity rather than political criteria.
It is also recommended that consideration be given in the preparation and adoption of Department budgets and to the importance and necessity for providing adequate financial support for Department Public Relations activities.
10. CBIZ Cottonwood, a professional actuarial firm, recently completed an evaluation of the Life Membership Fund. Based on this evaluation, the Life Membership Board of Trustees, with the concurrence of the National Council of Administration, pursuant to Section 111 of the VFW Bylaws, has determined that, for the 2020 membership year, the Life Membership Fund will pay out $3.02 for each Plan A, B and C life member, $3.48 for each Plan D life member and $7.08 for each Plan E life member to their Post, Department and to National Headquarters. Payment will be made in September 2019 for all life members recorded as of August 31, 2019.
In addition, $7.08 will be paid in January 2020 for each life member processed from September through December 2019 (Plan E) to their Post, Department and to National Headquarters.
If you have any questions, please call Debra Anderson at National Headquarters.
11. Certificates of charter evidencing consolidation have been issued to the following Posts:
Post Nos. 56 and 12073 are consolidated as Post No. 56, Leavenworth, Kansas
Post Nos. 9211 and 3819 are consolidated as Post No. 9211, Reno, Nevada
12. Announcement is made of the authorization of the charters for the following Posts:
Post No. 12182 – Patterson, Louisiana
               12183 – Abilene, Texas
Kevin C. Jones
Adjutant General