VA Claims & Separation Benefits

As the largest organization of combat veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) understand the frustrations that can arise when transitioning out of the military or filing a claim with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The claims process can be confusing and one that service members and veterans shouldn't try to navigate alone. That's why the VFW's National Veterans Service (NVS) was established to help all veterans, service members and their families.

NVS consists of a nationwide network of VA accredited service officers and pre-discharge representatives who are experts in dealing with the VA and are the key to your success. Our cadre of highly-trained and professional advocates help veterans cut through bureaucratic red tape. 

VFW Service Officers are trained experts, helping veterans develop their case with ease by reviewing and applying current law, pertinent legislation, regulations and medical histories. As skilled professionals, they assist in filing for disability compensation, rehabilitation and education programs, pension and death benefits, and employment and training programs. Furthermore, they won’t hesitate to request hearings before the VA and the Board of Veterans Appeals to present oral arguments when needed.

VFW Service Officers are with America's Veterans every step of the way once they're ready to file a claim. This is a service the VFW is proud to offer -- free of charge -- to anyone seeking assistance with the claims process.

For additional information, please email the Department of Rhode Island VA Claims & Separation Benefits team: 
  • Department Service Officer - Michael Rhilinger
The DSO/ADSO meet with their clients at the VA Providence Regional Office, 380 Westminster Street, Providence, RI, 02903. Meetings are by appointment only. You can reach them at the office at (401) 223-3689.